ESCAPE FROM FOREST is the new point and click escape game developed by 123Bee. The story of this game is the birthday boy lost his track on his way to friends house. He is lost in the forest. You need to help the birthday boy to find his path back and get him escape from the forest. The animation for this game is interesting .During the game, you will have to collect water and fruits to gain energy.

treasure-escape-from-forestThe game screen is green mostly , which is cool to view. Collect different items and solve simple puzzle to save him. You will get knife to cut the bamboo. You have to collect mangoes and bananas to be alive. Collect water as you get them hidden in the forest. The small puzzles in this game would make you go dizzy, don’t worry you can finish it by taking a little more time. Overall the game is good. Good Luck and Happy gaming!


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