CHALLENGING DINING ROOM ESCAPE is the new point and click escape game developed by Yotreat. You are invited to a party by your cousins, you are served dinner. Your cousins left you alone and disappeared. You need to find your escape from the dining room. Search for the keys and other clues to save you. The animation of this game is excellent. click on the different items inside the room , explore the kitchen items in the dining room.

Collect the items water pots, plates, tea cups and many other to find the clues. You have to solve a picture puzzle to find your exit from the room. You may find clues inside the apple too, so search every possible things around you. Can also explore the things inside the refrigerator, collect the items. Use your creativity skill to escape from the dinner room. Don’t keep craving for the foods inside the dining room and get trapped forever. Get ready and be quick!


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