Luckily for some of us IDAC CO Ltd offers a number of “Rooms Escape games” free on the Apple app store

“Strange House” one of the newest games offered by IDAC CO Ltd is not the usualgame with 2D drawings , it comes with 3D drawings making it more realistic in comparison with other games offered and changing the feel while playing the game

Like most games from IDAC, “Strange House” has more flaws than many of their other games. The games from IDAC are very linear and require you to see all clues of a puzzle before you can solve the puzzle and in “Strange House”, it has been taken to the extremes. To solve certain puzzles in “Strange House”, the player needs to zoom in on every ever piece of the puzzle many times to be allowed to move the pieces around.

The other flaw is in spite of having found some pieces earlier and knowing exactly what you need to do with the piece the game does not allow you to do it unless you go through the whole process again, leading to frustration. “Strange House” is an enjoyable game provided you understand how IDAC games work. Only experience playing IDAC games will help you learn that you need to examine every item closely while playing their games

strange houseStrange House’s linear gameplay need not be a turn off and stop you from playing the game. With a free game like “Strange House”, you are always right. . If you do get stuck playing the game just refer this walk through

1. Examining the engraving on the table very closely will satisfy the game to believe that you saw all the clues and zooming in on the animals as much as will help move the animal sculptures. And this will allow you to rearrange the animals

2. To unlock the draw in the bathroom sink puzzle you need to pour 4 dl of water on the scale with just 3 dl beaker and a 5 dl beaker to measure it may seem difficult but it is easier than you think. Fill the 5 dl beaker and pour the water into 3 dl beaker, 2 dl of water remains in the 5 dl beaker. Now throw away the water in the 3 dl beaker pour the 2 dl water remaining in the 5 dl beaker into 3dl beaker. Fill the 5 dl beaker again fill out the

3 .dl beaker from it, with 2 dl water already in the beaker you have taken away 1 dl from the 5 dl beaker leaving 4 dl of water in the 5 dl beaker. Pour it on the scale to open the draw.

4. Try swapping the second and third monkeys, instead of placing it in the order written above the opening, once you have all the three monkeys ready to be placed at the appropriate place.With these problems solved it will be easier for you to escape from the “Strange House” on your own!

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