THINK AND ESCAPE FARM is the new point and click game developed by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz and Yizzim. Your friends invited you to the farm. The developers at Selfdefiant have made excellent games in the past. The farm is made with rich animation, but the white dog in the farm seems un-matching. You see the tractors, green fields, trees, sheeps and cows.

Tribal-Forest-EscapeThere are different things hidden in them. You need to collect the keys to escape from the farm. You need to fill the bucket with water, take care of the chickens by feeding them. Overall this is a farm game, when you finish all the tasks; you can exit from the game. You need to remember the alphabets and key in for the clue.  You also need to count the cattles and key in to open the door. The game is so attractive and definitely you need to enjoy this game in your free time.


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