ESCAPE FROM ZOO WITH SUNGLASSES is the new point and click escape game developed by SmileClicker.The point and click game is interesting, the graphics for this game is amazing. You are now trapped inside the zoo which is haunted. You need to think cleverly to escape from the zoo. Collect the things available in the zoo to find your way out. You can combine things to try to escape from the zoo. You might get small puzzles on your way; finish them before you get haunted.

Escape-From-Zoo-with-SunglassYou are assisted by down arrow mark on the left side of the screen and navigate through different screens. You collect different things like ladder, animal icons (rhino, jackal, giraffe ,lion and much more ). You need to collect seven animals icons to find the escape from the main gate of zoo using ladder, knife, torchlight and spade.This is the game you need to play to keep you occupied. Overall easy game to play. Good luck and have fun!


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