VINTAGE DAY NEW YEAR ESCAPE 3 is the new game from Big Escape Games. The point and click escape game is so simple. You are trapped inside the room of New Year party for which your friend invited you. You went to the party and got trapped; now find the way to the exit. You will find different clues inside the room and you will have to solve different small puzzles to finish this game and exit from the room. Background music to this game could have made this game better.

vintage-day-new-year-escape-gameThe game will display the new year celebrations in a wonderful way . the balloons and several decoration would make you feel it is celebration time. You will find color patterns which you need to remember to connect the wires and find your exit. Overall good game to be played in your free time. You will have to collect several items like birthday hats, candles, alphabets, cakes, balloons; Have fun and Good Luck!


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