FAVOURITES ESCAPE 11 is the new version of the point and click game developed by Cabeza. It is the new game from the series of Favorites escape games. You are trapped inside a room and you need to find out your way to exit from the room. You are provided with clues and small puzzles through which you escape out of the room. The clues are mostly pictures with alphabets hidden in them and you need to find the exact word to escape.

This game is for kids below five and surely not for adults. The clues are simple but tricky makes you think for more time. The graphics are not that great. There is no background music, which is a drawback. Overall the game is good for playing one time. You will find the clues near the clock, you need the time to be set as 10 am to 5 pm, which opens the door and you can exit from the room. This game would keep you occupied. Good Luck and have fun!


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