OPEN ATTEMPT ROUND ESCAPE 33 is the new game developed by Tomolasido. This game is made point and click , you are assisted by arrow marks. The game is in Japanese language and makes it little difficult for the English language gamers to follow. This seems like a simple game and you need to figure out to open the can. The animation for the game is quite satisfactory.

OPEN ATTEMPT ROUND ESCAPE2No background music is a drawback for this game.  This game is definitely for the Japanese , all the texts are in the Japanese font.  Try click the can , by reading the clues written on the can.  Your objective is to open the can. If you had provided with English characters, it would be easier. The game can be finished in one minute by the native Japanese gamer.Take time to play this game. One of  the game with simple idea and complex clues .Good luck and happy gaming !



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