GARDEN MONKEY ESCAPE is the new game developed by YalGames; they have given good games in the past. Find the clues hidden in the game to escape the monkey from the garden.The background music for this game is interesting and makes the game fun. The animation for this game provides impressive feeling. The color should have little lighter in some places. Search for the rocks for clues, you will find key hidden in them or you might get alphabet clues to open the monkey cage.

Garden-monkey-escapeYou will have to solve the number puzzles and word puzzles by remembering them well. This is the game you need to play in your free time. Collect flowers, butterflies, bugs, insects and many other items. Use your creativity and combine the items in appropriate places of the game. This game would keep you occupied with its catchy background music. So, get ready and think quick to free the monkey. Good Luck and Have fun!

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