SMALL ROOM ESCAPE is point and click escape game developed by Umi Escape. We have seen more games from “Umi Escape”.This is the simple and easiest game. You need to remember the alphabets and colors to find out the exit from the room, as you are trapped inside unknowingly. You need to collect three diamonds and escape from the room. The graphics are not that great.

Mochitchis-Small-Room-EscapeThe game doesn’t include background music , which is a drawback.The screens are not attractive; you are allowed to use two to three screens shots of the game. You find the alphabets, count the number of times the alphabets are repeating, that’s the clue for the game. The clues of this game are so simple, which you can finish quickly in one go. This game doesn’t excite you much. You have played several escape games and this is the easiest of all. Good luck and happy gaming!

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