Viral marketing technique which follows the pass-along, friend-tell-a-friend and evangelism. Here one customer tells about the product and service of the company to another and promotes it. The promotional effort in viral marketing is designed to encourage visitors to an online site and makes them pass along a marketing message for a product, with an attractive incentive. The incentive varies according to the product promoted. Games are not only fun, they are powerful viral products used for traffic generation, training and education. This type of marketing is getting popular recently. Some products are awarded as prize for winning online games in websites. This also encourages continuous and repeated visitors to the site. A good example are the very popular Simpson games that are made for the new Simpsons movie and Extreme Pamplona, a game made for Rexona, which has been played millions of times. MTV is going to spend millions of dollars on online games for promotion. You can find lot of viral marketing advertisements all over the internet.

Viral marketing of online games2It is not easy to attract a player to join a club that too in a scenario where loads of games storm into the market every day. Technology has also developed in leaps and bounds that give lot of opportunities to find many options. In recent days computers are used for various purposes but initially the fact which attracted everyone towards the computer is the gaming option in it. Even now among millions of individuals, who sit in front of a computer, a vast majority would acknowledge that they are still addicted to gaming experiences on computers for long hours at a stretch. Recent high-speed Internet connections make downloading a faster process and one can easily enjoy a full range of levels and degree of difficulty for the game. No experience can be more entertaining than of playing a flash computer game.

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