Effect Of Online Games In The Present World

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There is a point in everybody’s life where they only need something to relax and nothing else. What if it’s raining outside and you are unable to go out and have fun with friends? or If you are not too well to go outside? The best option in such situation is playing online games! It’s a perfect relaxation thing. Irrespective of what is your age and sex, you can go for online gaming. There is something for every age group of people. Online games have had a great impact on the modern world. With the invention of online games, retail games have undergone great losses.

The major reason being the cost difference. Online games are much cheaper than the traditional games. With the increasing popularity of Java and Flash an internet revolution took place. People were now able to stream audio and video over the internet. This revolution led to the sites offering online games for internet surfers. One other reason why online games are more popular is that they are easier to crack. Traditional games used to make the layers tired of cracking the first level only . With the increased convenience in online games, it became obvious that people drifted away from traditional games.

The advantage of traditional games were that, they had better graphics and complexity. Though today there are many online games that have better graphics, 3D effect and better sound effects. There are also such types of games that have better complexity level. Even if the game is easier in the beginner level, it become tougher with the rise in level. With the increasing advantages in cases of online games, retail games might become extinct in some time. The future of online games hold great innovations. We expect the innovation to continue for the betterment of masses. I spend most of my spare time at online flash gaming sites like smileclicker.com

An advantage in buying online games is that, you need not go to any shop for it. You can do everything at home. There are also some game rental sites that provide you games with rent, you can play them and return after that. You can line up more than one game in your list and they will keep mailing you your favourite games as room as you return the earlier one. In case of online games you can try the trial version of the game before buying it, everything is just a click away. If you face any problem in installing the online game you jus downloaded, you can get instant support. There are bunch of trained professionals to help you out.

Strange House Review and Tips

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Luckily for some of us IDAC CO Ltd offers a number of “Rooms Escape games” free on the Apple app store
“Strange House” one of the newest games offered by IDAC CO Ltd is not the usualgame with 2D drawings , it comes with 3D drawings making it more realistic in comparison with other games offered and changing the feel while playing the game
Like most games from IDAC, “Strange House” has more flaws than many of their other games. The games from IDAC are very linear and require you to see all clues of a puzzle before you can solve the puzzle and in “Strange House”, it has been taken to the extremes. To solve certain puzzles in “Strange House”, the player needs to zoom in on every ever piece of the puzzle many times to be allowed to move the pieces around. The other flaw is in spite of having found some pieces earlier and knowing exactly what you need to do with the piece the game does not allow you to do it unless you go through the whole process again, leading to frustration. “Strange House” is an enjoyable game provided you understand how IDAC games work. Only experience playing IDAC games will help you learn that you need to examine every item closely while playing their games
Strange House’s linear gameplay need not be a turn off and stop you from playing the game. With a free game like “Strange House”, you are always right. . If you do get stuck playing the game just refer this walk through
1. Examining the engraving on the table very closely will satisfy the game to believe that you saw all the clues and zooming in on the animals as much as will help move the animal sculptures. And this will allow you to rearrange the animals
2. To unlock the draw in the bathroom sink puzzle you need to pour 4 dl of water on the scale with just 3 dl beaker and a 5 dl beaker to measure it may seem difficult but it is easier than you think. Fill the 5 dl beaker and pour the water into 3 dl beaker, 2 dl of water remains in the 5 dl beaker. Now throw away the water in the 3 dl beaker pour the 2 dl water remaining in the 5 dl beaker into 3dl beaker. Fill the 5 dl beaker again fill out the 3 dl beaker from it, with 2 dl water already in the beaker you have taken away 1 dl from the 5 dl beaker leaving 4 dl of water in the 5 dl beaker. Pour it on the scale to open the draw.
3. Try swapping the second and third monkeys, instead of placing it in the order written above the opening, once you have all the three monkeys ready to be placed at the appropriate place.
With these problems solved it will be easier for you to escape from the “Strange House” on your own!

Recommend your friends to play online games

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interesting online games

There will be many games that you would have enjoyed playing the most. Such games can be recommended to your friends and family to play, so that they will also have a good time playing them. As these games act as stress busters for many people it will be a good practice for persons who have a hectic time at their work and who want to relax. This practice will avoid other unwanted habits followed by the teen ager to drive away their stress. There are various games available for the players according to their skills and age. It will be their decision to choose and play the game. Nail Art Salon, candy crush, subway surfer, jewel quest, angry birds, temple run etc. are extraordinary online games that are very popular in these days. The registered members in the site will be informed about the new arrival of games and up gradations in the older version games.

How the online gaming has affected the retail games?

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retail games and its benefits

With the advent of online games the retail games have incurred lot of losses. The major reason for this is the traditional games are expensive and online games are cheap. In a way online games save money. The rising popularity of Flash and Java led to an Internet revolution where websites could utilize streaming video, audio, and a whole new set of user interactivity, and this revolution paved the way for sites to offer games to web surfers. There are many options in the online games whereas the conventional games makes the players tired in cracking the single game. Hence the online games are more popular in the younger generation.
Earlier the graphics and complexity of the retail games were better than online games. This statement has also been made false as the present online games are far better and advanced than the conventional games. All these advantages are crushing the neck of the traditional retail games which may lead to the extinct of the retail games if the same situation continues in future also.

Three Reasons to Purchase Computer Video Games Online

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playing video games

Now to on-line computer games, several individuals have brought following the development in the gaming world. Yet there are some individuals who see video game shop to buy other games and their steam. Yet, with all the most recent technology developing, it should never be a surprise to learn that you’re competent to buy video games or MMORPGs games or call of duty. There are lots of advantages of downloading or buying online games and it’s very hard to brief them down into one list. However, there are a number of top three motives are mentioned below that you should think about buying internet video games or RPG or MMORPG or multiplayer than seeing to the video shop shops.

May be an ideal motive as why you’ve got to buy video games instead of at a video game shop or MMORPG or RPG is it conserves lots of time plus cash and offers the advantage of shopping on the internet in the comfort of you house. There are lots of online game shop and sites are accessible on the web. Most of these online stores supply an immense variety of gaming choices to select. You can download online games onto your personal computer, simply with a tap of a button. Additionally, searching choices where you can locate your favorite games like call of duty and other latest release at your fingertips and you’ll be given a large listing of games. Once you purchase your games by seeing any of sites or your favourite on-line gaming shop, you may have the ability to download and play immediately instead of looking forward to the product to get delivered t you enjoy in alternative sources or other retail stores.

If you think about the expenses of running a retail store to the to an efficient on-line database with configuration and part time or full-time workers, so much of cash may be preserved. That cash translates to savings on costs or rates for you, the consumer. Downloading on the internet or purchasing is not a lot more expensive than in the retail store purchases. Should you join your savings for lots of the time and buying on the internet, you’d observe that it really adds up, you’d wind up saving off in store costs why you buy on-line video games.

Lastly, in the event you’re not been convinced or satisfied to begin to buy games or on-line video games then maybe this would: you’d get the support that is top quality. Most of the internet gaming shops have support teams that are greatest than in the retail store staffs. The of the time rationale is the fact that, in most of the retail gaming shop, you’d find inexperienced individuals and teenagers working at your local video game shop. However, in online you’ll locate specialists and skilled professionals who understand their gaming products and customer service. Even in the event you happen to be facing any difficulty with purchasing or downloading the game, you’d get immediate support.


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SMALL ROOM ESCAPE is point and click escape game developed by Umi Escape. We have seen more games from “Umi Escape”.This is the simple and easiest game. You need to remember the alphabets and colors to find out the exit from the room, as you are trapped inside unknowingly. You need to collect three diamonds and escape from the room. The graphics are not that great. The game doesn’t include background music , which is a drawback.The screens are not attractive; you are allowed to use two to three screens shots of the game. You find the alphabets, count the number of times the alphabets are repeating, that’s the clue for the game. The clues of this game are so simple, which you can finish quickly in one go. This game doesn’t excite you much. You have played several escape games and this is the easiest of all. Good luck and happy gaming!

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FAVOURITES ESCAPE 11 is the new version of the point and click game developed by Cabeza. It is the new game from the series of Favorites escape games. You are trapped inside a room and you need to find out your way to exit from the room. You are provided with clues and small puzzles through which you escape out of the room. The clues are mostly pictures with alphabets hidden in them and you need to find the exact word to escape. This game is for kids below five and surely not for adults. The clues are simple but tricky makes you think for more time. The graphics are not that great. There is no background music, which is a drawback. Overall the game is good for playing one time. You will find the clues near the clock, you need the time to be set as 10 am to 5 pm, which opens the door and you can exit from the room. This game would keep you occupied. Good Luck and have fun!



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GARDEN MONKEY ESCAPE is the new game developed by YalGames; they have given good games in the past. Find the clues hidden in the game to escape the monkey from the garden.The background music for this game is interesting and makes the game fun. The animation for this game provides impressive feeling. The color should have little lighter in some places. Search for the rocks for clues, you will find key hidden in them or you might get alphabet clues to open the monkey cage. You will have to solve the number puzzles and word puzzles by remembering them well. This is the game you need to play in your free time. Collect flowers, butterflies, bugs, insects and many other items. Use your creativity and combine the items in appropriate places of the game. This game would keep you occupied with its catchy background music. So, get ready and think quick to free the monkey. Good Luck and Have fun!

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SONOMAMA ESCAPE 3 is the new Japanese game developed by Denasu system. The developer is also the creator of the Rooftop Escape game. The game is in Japanese which may be difficult for the English language user. The graphics of this game is excellent but the color of the screen could have been better. You are assisted by a green arrow to navigate to the different screens. You will find maps, ladder, ball etc., and several other things to escape from the cell you are trapped for a long time. Use your creativity skills to find a way out of the cell. This game keeps you occupied and definitely to be played in your free time. You will get more items to discover in your path of the game and solve simple puzzles to make your exit. Overall the game is good , just the language being a barrier. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!



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VINTAGE DAY NEW YEAR ESCAPE 3 is the new game from Big Escape Games. The point and click escape game is so simple. You are trapped inside the room of New Year party for which your friend invited you. You went to the party and got trapped; now find the way to the exit. You will find different clues inside the room and you will have to solve different small puzzles to finish this game and exit from the room. Background music to this game could have made this game better. The game will display the new year celebrations in a wonderful way . the balloons and several decoration would make you feel it is celebration time. You will find color patterns which you need to remember to connect the wires and find your exit. Overall good game to be played in your free time. You will have to collect several items like birthday hats, candles, alphabets, cakes, balloons; Have fun and Good Luck!